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Charlie Wood is an executive producer and film promoter based in Central London. Having started off working in marketing, and having, in his own words, “spent his entire life within marketing, sales and sales training”, Charlie now has five years’ experience in the film industry behind him, being established as an Executive Producer specialising in the kind of lower-budget independent productions that Great Britain so excels at. Among Charlie’s Executive Producer credits are:

  • Mad to Be Normal, an acclaimed account of the controversial Scottish psychiatrist R.D. Laing and his unique community at Kingsley Hall, East London, during the 1960’s, starring David Tennant, Michael Gambon, and Gabriel Byrne. Learn More.
  • the romantic comedy You, Me & Him, which stars not only David Tennant but also Lucy Punch (Hot Fuzz, Bad Teacher, Into the Woods) and Game of Thrones’ Faye Marsay. The film follows a lesbian couple who, despite their age difference, are very much in love. Learn More.
  • football-themed underdog comedy The Bromley Boys, whose cast includes Alan Davies, Adam Deacon, and Martine McCutcheon, is a funny yet touching coming-of-age football memoir played out to the sights and sounds of the late 60;’s Britain. It is based on the hilarious novel by Dave Roberts. Learn More.
  • the Brit crime flick Milk & Honey, which stars Mark Wingett, Claire King, and Vas Blackwood is about Marcus King, an old school gangster, crime lord, who has left behind old school crime in favor of credit card cloning, internet scams, and more. Learn More. 
  • Dramedy Funny Cow, which is to star Maxine Peake and Paddy Considine. Learn More.

Charlie Wood’s experience outside of film production includes sales, marketing, comedy and writing. Charlie is passionate about the art of storytelling itself, which is key to his relationships with the creative artists with whom he works as well as those on the investment end. Talking about the film industry in his own words, he says “My team and I will continue to offer excellent film vehicles and always offer the chance to meet me, the directors we work with, arrange set visits, and private screenings. Essentially I’ll do everything within my means to make people feel as comfortable as possible.”

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